Author/s Responsibilities

As the author of the submitted work, it is your responsibility to ensure that the manuscript presents a technically as well as grammatically correct copy. A well-prepared manuscript will help to speed up the peer review process as less time will be spent by reviewers annotating technical inefficiencies of the paper and more time evaluating the intellectual content.

Authors are required to prepare their manuscripts according to the format given in the Instruction to Authors. Manuscripts submitted not in accordance to the journal format will be significantly delayed during the production stage.

All manuscripts should be written in good English. This is the responsibility of the authors, not the editors. Papers below the standard for the Journal will be returned to the authors for rewriting and can be rejected for this reason alone.

Manuscripts submitted are first screened by the editors; only those on subject matters within the scope of the Journal are sent to expert referees for evaluation. This two-tier screening process helps to ensure an appropriate focus as well as high scientific quality of the Journal.

Conflict of Interest
The authors must declare any conflict of interest with any financial body or funding agency or anything else that might influence the results or interpretation of their manuscript. All authors, members, reviewers and editors must disclose any association that poses a conflict of interest in connection with the manuscript.

Duplicate Submission
Manuscripts submitted to AJMT should 1) not have been published before and 2) not concurrently be submitted elsewhere. If part of a manuscript has been published or will be published elsewhere, the authors must let the editors know in a covering letter. If duplicate submission is detected during peer review, the manuscript may be rejected. If it is detected after publication, the manuscript may be retracted.