1. All the submitted articles will be checked for plagiarism and originality. The maximum plagiarism allowed is 15 per cent.

2. The ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology has a rigorous anti-plagiarism policy, and all submitted papers are checked for plagiarism using licenced software from Similarity Check-Crossref.

3. Manuscripts should not have been published previously or be in the process of being submitted elsewhere. Duplicate publication is a violation of the APA code of ethics, and the paper will be rejected immediately. If the editor was unaware of the breach and the piece was published, the article will be withdrawn and a notice of the duplicate submission and the ethical violation will be issued.

4. Authors shall submit only entirely original works, and will appropriately cite or quote the work and/or words of others.

5. Whenever copyrighted material is used, contributors/authors should accurately reproduce and obtain written permission from the copyright holders (publishers), and the same should be acknowledged in the article.

6. Upon submission, the paper is subjected to a brief screening for content that is relevant to the journal's scope. The work is next reviewed for plagiarism and approved by an editorial board member before being sent out for peer review.

7. Plagiarism is discouraged at all stages and may result in the withdrawal of the manuscript or article. Plagiarism is defined as the unauthorised use of text, data, figures, or pictures, as well as the paraphrasing of language, thoughts, and ideas.

8. Publications that have been significant in determining the nature of the reported work should also be cited. Plagiarism includes “passing off” another’s paper as the author’s own, copying or paraphrasing substantial parts of another’s paper (without attribution), to claiming results from research conducted by others.

9. Plagiarism in all its forms constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is intolerable.

10. A plagiarised article is rejected at the sole discretion of our editors (based on the percentage of plagiarism explored) and/or the author is given time to resubmit the revised, non-plagiarized work, which will be considered a fresh submission. This reduces the burden on our peer reviewers, allowing them to concentrate their time and effort on accessing the manuscript's content, resulting in an efficient peer review.

11. Proper citation should be given in the manuscript for Images/Figures and Tables reproduced from any other sources.