BSP Books Pvt. Ltd will be responsible for promoting and marketing BS Publications and PharmaMed Press and exclusives taken from foreign publishers. BSP Books Pvt. Ltd. Have a dedicated team of field executives under a Marketing Head with a clear mandate to make our books reach wider audiences within India and abroad.

BS Publications was started in 1999 to create useful student, friendly and quality textbooks to satisfy the needs of B.Tech. Students who were joining the numerous professional engineering colleges established across in India by various Technical Universities. Our publishing program is focused in 5 key areas.

  1. Textbooks
  2. Reference Books
  3. Classics Reprints
  4. Low Priced Editions of Foreign Books
  5. Conference Proceedings

PharmaMed Press: This new imprint under Pharma Book Syndicate publishes books, Textbooks, Reference books, Classic Reprints, International Journal in the interdisciplinary areas of Pharmacy, Medical & Life Sciences, Chemistry, Biotechnology for the students and reference books for the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry.

The Philosophy of our Publishing Units

Vision: We are focused on anticipating and delivering the contents (Books / Journals / e-Products) required by our customers (Pharma Colleges / Industries). We want to achieve a worldwide level quality publisher’s status in the next 3-5 years period. This will be achieved by nurturing authors and other stakeholders.

Relationships and Excellence in our activities

Relationships: The fulfilment of our vision is possible only if we nurture our relationships with our partners, whose experience and expertise will be of immense help. The existing authors/editors can be contacted to get a foothold into the mindset of their colleagues and friends and inspire them to write books and content in their chosen subject of expertise. Also, our channel partners can give inputs of gaps in subjects where the need is unfulfilled. In such cases, we will seek books to fulfil such demands.
Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all our activities. The quality of our products should be best in their area/subject, and the subject matter should be original. We also expect that our books should be of quality. This can find new markets in foreign countries and comparable to world-renowned publishers.