Space State Model of Lateral Vehicle Motion for Stability Paper No. 2024-DF-06 Section Research Papers


Dr. Sharma G.S.
T. Murali Mohan Raju
Dr. G. L. Kameswari


The lateral Motion of the vehicle is studied under the situations of steering, where the yaw control of the vehicle is focused on the stability of the vehicle under extreme steering conditions. In this paper, bicycle models for low-speed and high-speed operation are presented with emphasis on the kinematic model at low-speed operation and the dynamic model at high-speed operation. A state space model is developed with 2 dof and state space variables are presented for calculating slip angle and yaw angle. The parametric variation of slip angle and yaw angle is tabulated for various steering angles within the range of 110 to 28.560. A Python code was developed and simulated for under-steer and over-steer conditions depending on the corner stiffness of the front and rear wheels. The results were presented for further improvement of the model analysis with road banking angle and total vehicle model.

Keywords: Yaw control, front steer angle, rare steer angle, slip angle, yaw angle, state space model, Python Code


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G.S., D. S., T. Murali Mohan Raju, & Dr. G. L. Kameswari. (2024). Space State Model of Lateral Vehicle Motion for Stability: Paper No. 2024-DF-06. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 4(2), 1126–1137.


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