Sizing of an Electric Powertrain based on Urban Traffic Parameters and Hybridizing of a Two-Wheeler Paper No. 2024-DF-09 Section Research Papers


Dr. Shaik Amjad
B. Pavan Bharadwaja
T. Srinivasa Rao
Sai Yerramsetti
Sri Aanshu Singh Chowhan


Transportation contributes to climate pollution, and reducing emissions is crucial to address the issue. Gasoline and diesel engines contribute to respiratory illnesses and early mortality. Researchers are focusing on performance-enhancing technologies like hybrid cars to reduce emissions and protect the environment. This project aims to size an electric drivetrain for urban environments and install it on a traditional two-wheeler. Real-world traffic data variables such as average speed, acceleration and average travel distance guide the effective sizing of the electric motor and battery pack. A control strategy has been developed, tested and successfully deployed on the vehicle. Complexities like the volume of space needed for battery pack and electric motor fitment location are evaluated for hybrid drivetrain architecture. A selected electric motor and battery pack is used to hybridise a conventional two-wheeler. The electric motor can reduce pollutants and fuel usage during high-traffic periods. Therefore, the overall usage of IC engines has been reduced, which results in the reduction of fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions of the vehicle.

Keywords: Powertrain, urban traffic, two-wheeler, transportation, fuel mode, electric mode, battery technology


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Amjad, D. S., B. Pavan Bharadwaja, T. Srinivasa Rao, Sai Yerramsetti, & Sri Aanshu Singh Chowhan. (2024). Sizing of an Electric Powertrain based on Urban Traffic Parameters and Hybridizing of a Two-Wheeler: Paper No. 2024-DF-09. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 4(2), 1158–1171.


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