Comparative Analysis of Transmission Housings to Evaluate Whining Noise Performance Paper No.: 2024-AC-09 Section Research Papers


Kalyan Deepak Kolla
Ketan Paua
V. Vikraman
P.V.V. Sathyanarayana


A quite cabin is always a preferred choice of the customer. Powertrain acts as a source for many noise and vibration problems in a passenger car. Transmission plays a major role in modulating the power from engine to the drive train and is exposed to a high vibration and noise environments. Hence design of transmission for low vibration & noise is need of the hour. This paper attempts to perform a comparative study of 6 housings of different design of a two-wheel drive passenger car to evaluate the vibration performance and Noise radiation characteristics by using FEM (Finite Element Method) & BEM (Boundary Element Method) & finite element analysis techniques. The authors also try to put forward a layout comparison study for the housings and conclude what design is best suited for better NVH whine performance in view of vibrations & sound radiation. These indicative results from this paper can be referred by the design & analysis engineers during early product development of the transmission.

Keywords: Transmission, Housings, Whining Noise, Bionic Design, NVH Analysis, Durability Analysis, Study of Housings, Housings NVH Analysis


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Kalyan Deepak Kolla, Ketan Paua, V. Vikraman, & P.V.V. Sathyanarayana. (2024). Comparative Analysis of Transmission Housings to Evaluate Whining Noise Performance: Paper No.: 2024-AC-09. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 4(1), 1047–1058.


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