Retrofitting of an Existing Garbage Tipper Truck with an Electric Powertrain and its Renewable Charging Station Concept Based on On-Grid Solar Charging Paper No.: 2023-JL-01 Section Research Papers


Utkarsh Gadkari


To tackle the pollution problem the best way is to switch to electric vehicles but when we look at the statistical figures of India’s electric vehicle market we can observe the truth that the electric 2 and 3-wheeler market is good in India but the electric 4-wheeler market is not very good. Policymakers' worries about the growing importance of the Climate Change issue have contributed to India's rising levels of air pollution. There are a lot of gasoline and diesel automobiles on the road that is to blame for the severe pollution. 25 of the 100 most polluted cities in the world, or 14 of the list, are in India, according to a search for the 100 most polluted cities worldwide. Petrol and diesel vehicles continue to run in large numbers in India, causing extremely high pollution. The most harmful pollutants emitted into the environment are PM 2.5, SO2, CO, NOx, and PM 10, and they are also the primary pollutants. Since there are so many vehicles on the highways in Indian cities, we know that the cities are crowded. In such a situation, numerous electric vehicle manufacturers are traveling the nation to display their electric automobiles. Additionally, in India, if an electric vehicle's motor output is less than 250W, neither registration nor a driver's license is necessary to operate one of these vehicles. The category for EVs over 500W is the same as that for gasoline and diesel vehicles. The government will electrify all two-wheelers by the years 2024–2025, and all four-wheelers will be electrified by the years 2030–2040. The difficulty now is that many OEMs, auto-ancillaries, and automobile manufacturers intend to enter the market for electric cars in response to these encouraging moves. And when we discuss any vehicle, the mileage or the distance traveled is a key issue. Additionally, electric vehicles, such as 4-wheelers, will compete with conventional cars powered by internal combustion engines, which today give excellent mileage. However, reducing pollution is a crucial issue, and I think electric automobiles can do it more effectively. The transformation of an existing diesel tipper truck into an electric and on-grid-based solar renewable charger is described in this research. This paper discusses the creation and evaluation of various car parts and accessories. This outlines how to go from a mechanical drivetrain to an electric drivetrain. And the charger works on the on-grid solar-based renewable charger.


Author Biography

Utkarsh Gadkari, Mechanical Engineer from ITM Groups of Institutions, Gwalior, India.

Corresponding Author: Mr. Utkarsh Gadkari, Mechanical Engineer from ITM Groups of Institutions, Gwalior, India Email:

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Utkarsh Gadkari. (2023). Retrofitting of an Existing Garbage Tipper Truck with an Electric Powertrain and its Renewable Charging Station Concept Based on On-Grid Solar Charging: Paper No.: 2023-JL-01. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 3(4), pp.763–773.


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