Noise and Vibration Analysis of Electric Vehicle Motor


H. V. Santhosh Kumar
B. Sai Charan
Nandita Phadnis
Vishnu S Prasad
Rithik. R. Singh


NVH testing is an inseparable part of the automotive product and component design and development process. With the global shift towards hybrid and electric vehicles, it is important to understand the NVH characteristics of electric power trains. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors are the most commonly used electric vehicle motors but one of their major drawbacks is the acoustic noise and vibration caused by torque ripples. This project investigates the source of noise and vibration in an 800 W BLDC hub Motor used in an Electric Scooter. A 3D model has been generated approximately to the real life model then Modal analysis using FEM is performed using Ansys to determine the natural frequency of the vibrating parts of the motor in static conditions. The results of these simulations are to be compared and validated experimentally. The dynamic condition frequencies are also determined. It also deals experimental Noise Analysis.

Keywords: Noise and Vibration, Electric Vehicle Motor, NVH, Brushless DC (BLDC), Electric Motor, Finite Element Analysis



Author Biographies

H. V. Santhosh Kumar, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PES University, Bengaluru, India




B. Sai Charan, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PES University, Bengaluru, India



Nandita Phadnis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PES University, Bengaluru, India



Vishnu S Prasad, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PES University, Bengaluru, India



Rithik. R. Singh, Department of Mechanical Engineering, PES University, Bengaluru, India



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H. V. Santhosh Kumar, B. Sai Charan, Nandita Phadnis, Vishnu S Prasad, & Rithik. R. Singh. (2023). Noise and Vibration Analysis of Electric Vehicle Motor. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 3(1).


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