A Study of Knocking Noise in Disc Brake System and Its Elimination


Jeevan Kizhakkekalayil
Sagar Malape
Anand Wadodkar
Raajha M.P.


In the automotive industry, elimination of Brake Noise is a tough challenge. In Past, extensive research and investigation has been done to eliminate brake vibrations/noises and improve vehicle comfort. Disc Brake noises are broadly classified into Squeal noise, Groan/moan, Judder, Wire-brush/Chirp, Rattle etc. These are mainly friction induced vibrations. Lots of study has been done already in characterizing and eliminating these friction induced noises. Apart from these, instantaneous noises (knocking/hitting type) are also observed in Brake System. This paper deals with the study and elimination of such an instantaneous “Knocking Noise” observed in Front Disc Brake system of a Passenger SUV vehicle.

Keywords: Disc Brake Noise, Knocking Noise, Brake Pad Shim, Pad – Bracket Clearance, Acoustic Mapping, Disc Brake Noise Acquisition


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Jeevan Kizhakkekalayil, Sagar Malape, Anand Wadodkar, & Raajha M.P. (2022). A Study of Knocking Noise in Disc Brake System and Its Elimination. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 2(4), 418–426. https://doi.org/10.37285/ajmt.2.4.10


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