Use of xDomain Vehicle Simulation for Electric Vehicle HV Battery Health Prediction Paper No. 2024-DF-04 Section Research Papers


Aurobbindo Lingegowda
Martin Johannaber


A vehicle system comprises of various domain subsystems (e.g., Brakes, Steering, Thermal etc.,) components, elements, and the environmental factors with which it interacts. The vehicle usage or mission characteristics influence how the load are transferred from wheels to corresponding powertrain components which deliver energy. In today’s advanced electrified, connected & automated vehicle systems, the overall cross-domain interactions are very tightly coupled, and their detailed analysis is cumbersome. To predict component performance/Degradation over the life cycle it is necessary to estimate the real load conditions and the virtual environment is a key enabler. xDomain simulation serves this purpose which comprises multi-physics vehicle models capable of representing complex vehicle system architectures along with its interacting subsystems & components used for various system analysis under many test conditions. In this work, an Electric Vehicle model with all the elements relevant to Energy flow has been built along with the virtual road based on real driving information for 24 hours duration. High Voltage Battery operations are calculated for Quantity of Interest which would be used in a detailed HV Battery model for critical Battery health Prediction/Estimating.

Keywords: xDomain, Simulation, Electric Vehicle, battery health, battery voltage, HV battery


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Lingegowda, A., MAHALANABISH, D., & Martin Johannaber. (2024). Use of xDomain Vehicle Simulation for Electric Vehicle HV Battery Health Prediction: Paper No. 2024-DF-04. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 4(2), 1105–1114.


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