Author/s Responsibilities:

a) All co-authors must be listed with their correct names and e-mail addresses.

b) Authors must prepare their manuscripts in the format specified in the Instructions to Authors and Guidelines for Authors.

c) The manuscript has been submitted, and all co-authors have been notified.

d) All of the changes noted in the "track revisions" section have been accepted.

e) It is the author's responsibility to ensure that the manuscript is technically and grammatically correct.

f) All manuscripts must be written in excellent English. This is the authors' responsibility, not the editors'.

1. Title: The title should be no more than 50 words long and should provide readers with an overview of the relevance of the article.

2. Abstract: The abstract should concisely present the background of the topic, purpose of the study, research rationale, general methods, results, and conclusions. The abstract should not exceed 300 words.

3. Keywords: 8-10 Keywords should be provided.

4. Main Text: Your manuscript should be in Microsoft Word format with double column. It should be written in clear, comprehensible English.

5. References: This section is compulsory and should be placed at the end of all manuscripts. Do not use footnotes or endnotes as a substitute for a reference list. References should include titles and adhere to correct journal style. For more information and to create perfect citations in a fraction of time, please visit

6. Graphics and Tables: Figures and tables should have captions. Figure insets, if any, are described in the caption. They should be mentioned in the text appropriately. Graphs ought to have clearly labeled axes, legends, and data points. Type fonts ought to be clear and legible. It is preferred that graphics are embedded wherever mentioned in manuscript text.

7. Supporting Information: Supporting Information (SI) – for Publication or for Review Only, if any, are uploaded as separate files and not placed directly in the manuscript. Permission to Re-Use Previously Published Material

8. Written permission has been obtained for all content and graphics for which the authors or AJMT do not hold copyright.

9. Funder Reporting Requirement: Authors are required to report funding sources and grant/award numbers.

10. Author contribution: Author contribution should be mentioned.

11. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: This section should include a declaration of any conflict of interest. It should also acknowledge funding sources if any. A statement describing any financial conflicts of interest or lack thereof is published with each manuscript. During the submission process, the Corresponding Author must provide this statement on behalf of all authors of the manuscript. The statement should describe all potential sources of bias, including affiliations, funding sources, and financial or management relationships, that may constitute conflicts of interest. All authors, members, reviewers and editors must disclose any association that poses a conflict of interest in connection with the manuscript.

12. Duplicate Submission: Manuscripts submitted to AJMT should 1) not have been published before and 2) not concurrently be submitted elsewhere. If part of a manuscript has been published or will be published elsewhere, the authors must let the editors know in a covering letter. If duplicate submission is detected during peer review, the manuscript may be rejected. If it is detected after publication, the manuscript may be retracted.

13) Total Pages: The total number of pages for a Research Paper should not exceed ten pages.