Manuscripts Processing

1. Each manuscript will be reviewed by multiple experts in the field.
2. The reviewers are asked to evaluate the scientific merit of the study and provide suggestions for revision or improvements in the manuscript.
3. The Editor will take the final decision about the acceptance and suitability of the manuscript for publication.
4. If the Editor requests for revisions, the authors must submit revised manuscripts within the designated time, and must contain an itemized list of all changes made as per the reviewers' suggestions.

Acceptance and Page Proofs

1. The Editor will send notification about the acceptance of the manuscript or need for a revised version.
2. All accepted manuscripts would be forwarded to the Publisher for setting up the page proofs as per the Journal style.
3. Page proofs will be sent to the Correspondent Author by e-mail.
4. Page proofs should be corrected and returned to the Publisher within 5 days after receipt.
5. Author are fully responsible for mistakes or errors in their accepted papers.

Correction and Retraction

1. When an author or reader discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in a published article, it is the author's responsibility to notify the journal editor immediately and work with the editor to retract or correct the manuscript.

2. Journal editors consider restrictions when there is evidence of unreliable data or findings, plagiarism, duplicate / multiple publication, or unethical research.