U Bolt Failure Analysis


Divya S
Sivakumar GK


U bolt failures occur commonly in commercial vehicles. U bolt failures occur at various stages. 17 U bolts failures were analyzed to have a detailed understanding of the issues. Failures commonly occur during assembly, ORT (On Road Trial) validations and in field. In general, the failures can be classified as assembly failures and during service. Analysis revealed that assembly failures are torsional and ductile failures & field or ORT failures are fatigue failures.

Keywords: ORT - On Road Trial; DRT - Design Reliability Test; Nm – Newton meter; SEM – Scanning Electron Microscope


How to Cite
Divya S, & Sivakumar GK. (2022). U Bolt Failure Analysis. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 2(4), 366–370. https://doi.org/10.37285/ajmt.2.4.3


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