Conversion of Waste Heat from Automobiles into Electrical Energy using Thermoelectric Generators


Tony Sabu


In our current environment, the expanding interest for energy, with fast consumption of our assets, we should be centered around utilizing economical and sustainable power that produces eco-accommodating energy and lower carbon emanations. So, it is significant that the accessible energy ought to be monitored and used productively. In an internal combustion engine utilized in cars have a limit of 25%-33% effectiveness and the residual heat energy got by the burning cycle goes through the fumes and afterward into the environment. This prompts the expansion in discharge of unsafe gases which increments an unnatural weather change and other natural issues. This caused to grow the consideration on improving the productivity of internal combustion engines. For the utilization of waste heat from a vehicle exhaust our primary goal is Thermoelectric Generators (TEG). It is an exceptionally doped semiconductor strong state gadget, which changes over the heat on the fumes surface straightforwardly into electrical energy and this would permit a huge increment of the general ignition motor execution. The thermoelectric materials and the position of installation plays an important role in increasing the efficiency.


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Tony Sabu

Department of Automobile Engineering, SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, Vidya Nagar, Palissery, Karukutty, Ernakulam, Kerala, India

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Tony Sabu. (2022). Conversion of Waste Heat from Automobiles into Electrical Energy using Thermoelectric Generators. ARAI Journal of Mobility Technology, 2(3), p275–279.


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